Since I began my midwifery journey, it has been my dream to create a natural birth minded community of families.  With that vision and dream, it is my hope to open a Birth Center to serve families and provide an option for women and their families.  While understanding that this is a large project, we have been working very hard to:

  • Understand the community demographics.
  • Develop a business plan.
  • Develop funding and financing.
  • Partner with certified midwives in the area.
  • Verbalize our mission and goals with birth professionals throughout the community.

What is a Birth Center?

A birth center is a private, peaceful and home-like alternative to hospitals and home births for expectant mothers looking for a safe and natural childbirth experience.  It is our goal to provide a relaxing atmosphere with luxurious birth suites, each with a private bath/birth pool and kitchen facility for family use.  Personal care throughout will be provided by a certified professional midwife.  In addition, it is our hope this facility can be used for community birth gatherings, shared space with other birth organizations, and be used by certified professional midwives or certified nurse midwives as a place for prenatal appointments and education — a true community experience for natural birth.

Reasons for Choosing a Birth Center vs. Home Birth:

  • Many children in the home.
  • Remove the temptation of performing normal duties around the home.
  • Birth Centers location is closer to a major hospital.
  • A Birth Center can provide a spa-like, relaxing atmosphere.
  • A home birth-like experience without worrying family.
  • Postpartum Doula support.

We Need Your Help!

With your help, we need from all of the natural minded birth families in the area!   In order to complete our business plan and understand the community thoroughly, we have created a simple survey that we encourage you to take and share.

I encourage everyone and anyone to share this blog post and the below survey link via social media, e-mail, among friends, etc. so that we can better understand what the community wants.

Click Here for Survey

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